Wednesday, September 08, 2004

115 days: I am damn too-lan

Why? Because my enthusiastic NIE GE class have jumped the gun and posted a grand total of 32 messages on discussion board, a full 24 hours before we were supposed to.

Teacher say post our comments by Thurs night. How to post when everything that can be said has been said by this enthusiastic group of people?

These teachers ah. Like seriously the most hardworking, enthusiastic bunch of people I've ever met. It's not bad, just that the topics that we talk about fail to rouse my enthusiasm. Not 1/5th of what 316 can anyway.

But they get all excited! We NEVER discuss anything interesting in class. SERIOUSLY. SO I don't know why they so excited. Want to say sure can pull something out of my mouth... but most of the time i'm thinking... what's the point? Not saying anything we didn't already know.

Hiyah just bitching cos i saw 32 threads. Why so kiasu... Sigh.