Wednesday, September 29, 2004

96 days: The Trial Continues

By far the worst news conference I've ever attended today.
It's sad because it's our last, and I'm not too affected by it, but I have to admit that it is rather sad.

But, what to do?

It didn't help that the whole room was like some gas chamber. I'd say sauna but that sounds too good already. And the weird seating arrangment just messed everything up.

While I know I'm guilty of it sometimes, I'm still going to go ahead and say that I'm sick and tired of people who talk amongst themselves.

I'm sick and tired that no one has anything to say.

For goodness sake, it's been a semester, and still the year two are NOT saying anything constructive AT ALL. Other than contributing here and there, the occasions on which they do that can count with my fingers.

But the talking really irritates the fuck out of me.

I'm not talking about little whispers here and there. These are PROLONGED sessions. Like what the fuck, we're trying to do something good here, not interested just get out lah.

Ok I think I'm more affected by this than I thought.

Nevermind. Post Mort must rock. Especially since I've not been there for like, what, past two times? *sigh* plead guilty and wait for forgiveness.


I've decided to go ahead and push for Drik. No matter what. Unless my parents violently object. I know I can do this, I'm not going to deprive myself of this.

Six months in Bangladesh by myself.

I'll be surprised if I come back the same person.


311 assignment met with yet another dead end. For the first time I'm really trying my very best to meet the deadline, and now this happens. It's enough to make me cry.

On another note, interview with AFP went off quite well today. I like the place, I'm hoping it'd take me in case Drik doesn't go through. But then again, it WILL it WILL it WILL. Shyam just emailed me saying that everything will be tied up tomorrow. Come on Shyam, I trust you.

He's flying to Dhaka for something on Dec 10. I'm wondering if I should go together to get orientated with him. It'll help me settle in faster etc.

But that means me spending my 21st birthday in Dhaka. Joce did spent hers in Yunnan, and I don't see her complaining about it.

Guess I was just looking forward to it, for the first time... not a big birthday person. My friends would know. I hate buying presents.


huckerby said...

yes, what to do. im sorry i didnt make them shut up, but i was close to fainting in that stupid room already. thanks for helping me along with the news conf. u're forgiven for pontanning post mort. haha