Saturday, October 30, 2004

50 days: Irate Savant

He calls his blog the Bitter Reflections of an Undiscovered Genius. I think that kinda puts everything into perspective, doesn't it? (Yes it's a he. Who said women were more capable of whining?)

Anyone in the mood for a lot of angst and griping and verbal diarrhoea will want to take a trip to his blog:

Not too sure i'm publicising his blog. It's an interesting read, of course, and he knows that. I suppose such unabashed displays of self-indulgent anger are hard to come by these days, in a society that preaches understanding along to the tune of "its a small world after all".

He's likely to take pride in his elitist ways, but I may be too quick to judge. He's awfully good at that though - judging. But I suppose people read it for the tragic element. It's a singapore thing - we can't stand seeing resources go to waste.

Sure you're smart, but are you happy? But he says happiness belongs to the ignorant, which he isn't. I think he has to redefine his definition of ignorance. Intellectual knowledge is not quite enough in most cases. But I guess his goal in life is the former, happiness was told to take a hike somewhere along the way and Bitterness slid onto the seat next to him.

Go on and read it!