Thursday, October 28, 2004

52 days: The Beautiful People wants to be Close To You

A curtain of blue threatens to break across the sky just as the last strands of starlight whimpers away....


According to Mr Mac, it is 6.47am. I just spent a night's worth of 311, Marilyn Manson and the Carpenters (hence the hybrid title) with Guiqing in the room which has seen too much of us at our worst - the Chron room.

Ah well. Guiqing looks like she's going to collaspe at any moment. But i feel fine. Perky even.

Which brings me to my next point - Shark Extra is WAY better than Red Bull. Serious! Taste better too.

Which makes me wonder, who would win in a fight? The Shark or the Bull? Hmmmmmmmm. Its a bit difficult to reconcile the two animals, I know.

RecommendedConsumption of the Shark Extra drink is 2 CANS A DAY. Wow. Its as if it knew.

And i'm wondering, in a fight, who would win? Marilyn Manson or the Carpenters? Hmmmmmmm the anorexic woman won't be of much help, unless she has nails. But then again Manson don't exactly look like Mr. Fitness either.... plus he's missing that rib. Ah whatever. But I think a Manson-Carpenter act would be just ROCKIN' man.

Wow. Shark Extra is really damn good! Look at how irritatingly incoherant and perky I am! I am inclined to use even more exclaimation marks!!!!!!!! Plus drank it like four hours ago. I wonder if its the "nicotinamide". Means if I smoke now... i'll just jump all over the place?


huckerby said...

chron room access expires on oct 30, fyi...