Tuesday, October 26, 2004

54 days: Revelation is Revolution

Haven't managed to finish Jack Kerouac's On the Road.. sorry Zoe... maybe i shld get the hard-cover version with like a font size twice as big as the one i've got now... but at any rate, the quote still makes sense, with or without a distinguishable plot.

But in response to someone else's musings on the ego-fying of society and its individuals today, I felt like reverting back to this phrase that, time and time again, makes itself relevant in countless of different situations:

"We have come to think of taking offence as a fundamental right.
We value very little more highly than our rage, which gives us,
in our opinion, the moral high ground. From this high ground
we can shoot down at our enemies and inflict heavy fatalities." - Rushdie

Yes, yes that quote AGAIN. Every day, the forum pages of the ST reminds me of this damn quote. The last letters I read were on Sunday, with pple actually taking time to sit down, start the computer, log on/register to the ST webpage, type out what seems to be roughly 15 mins worth of thought, volunteer their private information, just t provide a twocentsworth (and yes, it doesn't get any more valuable than that) on what?


Or, more specifically, choosy beggars. Or, to include their point, what is the WORLD coming to when beggars are rude and vulgar to you and don't want your 5 cent coins? I don't know who to be more ashamed of, the writer or the ST for publishing this sorry excuse of a letter. What an UTTER waste of print space. Why can't they print Darren's letters which in my humble unbiased opinion, raises more pressing and controversial issues?

Hello? If you spend your life having to put yourself down and humiliate yourself by asking complete strangers for whatever coins they happen to feel like throwing down at you, if you have no where decent to sleep (some pple don't understand that bed and bedsheets are a luxury), if a food court $3 price tag is considered to steep.... i'd be one cranky motherfucker too man.

But that's not the point, the point is, Singaporeans expect way too much from each other. I can't believe my fellow singaporeans spit/allow their kids to pee in sink/talk loudly in cinema/have irritating ringtones on MRT !!!! This is a disgrace to my society!

You see how the perfectionist syndrome of the Lees have been transferred to us????

I mean, it's fine to gripe and complain. These are, after all, rather ugly sides of singapore which we could do without. But the manner of complaining infers a assumption that we have an innate right NOT to have to put up with these sides of Singapore. That they are the deviant, the abnormal, the sores that have been mysteriously imposed on our society by some alien force... they are NOT supposed to be here! What are they doing here?

Eh salah lah. We will have our freaks, our Quasimodos, our MJs of society... please stop talking about them as if you have a right to order them to disappear. They are PART of society. I can't help but think sometimes that these people would be very pleased with a Stepford-ish town. I propose Bukit Panjang. It already seems damn sterile to me, during my last visit there.

I am exhausted. But I am trying not to sleep. Because when I do, i won't awake till like 2pm tomorrow. Tonight, i shall:

1. look through 301
2. decide on 311



Anonymous said...

i resent this post. bt panjang now got yoshinoya and long john silver's can?? bt panjang gd

Ghim Lay said...

Haha the comment above is funny.

Regarding the letters on the beggars, I read them too, and oh well, to each his/her own. Maybe these people seem like nitpickers, but if you look at the other side of the coin, there are people out there who beg for money even though they are perfectly capable of working. And these might just be the people who are picky about what they "beg" for. Both groups are not positive reflections of society, and they will continue to exist.

Everyone has a right to an opinion, and the pedestal we place ourselves on is questionable, as reflected in the Rushdie quote. But if you go back and read your post again, haven't you done exactly what he talked about? I guess there are many different ways to look at an issue, and none is right or wrong.