Tuesday, October 19, 2004

61 days: Got meh?

No thanks to GUIQING who reminded me about it today by raising it in a conversation, I revisited Xiaxue's website.... And wah lau eh it's damn ADDICITIVE. Managed to refrain from clicking the "next" button to read the stuff which I missed out on...

Don't know what is it about her website that keeps me there. It's not particularly intellectual... she's not that interesting if you think about it... but I guess her self indulgence makes for excellent entertainment.

Today's Straits Times bothered me.

No, not the layout. Not Theresa Tan staring at me from the front page... it was the article she wrote.... on a guy finding a bride in four hours.

Wonder if I'm in their shoes... would I sell myself in four hours? And for how much? With what terms and conditions? How much will I be worth? Would I even sell myself that way?

"Hallo Sir! I cook you good food Sir! I rub foot for you everyday after you work. Sir, I make good wife!"

With women like that, and bitches like me, it's no wonder men are fleeing to find "good wife".

I should flee too to find good husband. But that means I've to land a good job to support both of us.

"Hello Ma'am! I cook you good food Ma'am! I rub foot for you everyday after you work! MA'am I make good husband."

Cannot make it lah (although it sounds appealing for a short-term thing), I have already realised by now that the number one thing about men that I cannot do without is (not looks, not culinary skills, not ambition) but good conversation. He'll drive me crazy with all his "ma'ams".

Think I was quite unpleasant to someone in school today. Felt bad, as usual, after that, because I know the person didn't mean it. But rudeness begets rudeness, so for once, I'm not going to apologise.

Yet I know some people who really won't get mad at anyone for any reason. They either give them the benefit of the doubt, forgive them, or just become gandhi-like. I mean, even the dalai lama say he'll cane his kids. Which is a worrying thing. But I digress. I really don't know how these people are so blessed with such a peaceful heart and mind... I can't control my sense of irritation or anger very well if I'm in a bad mood.. if i'm in a good mood nothing will bother me at all.. but it seemslike some people don't get bothered eitherways...

I have this vision of these people attending theraphy for all the pent up anger they store inside them. Maybe gandhi was so peaceful only because he wasn't eating and thus have no energy to get mad at anyone.

Hiyah i'm so nonsensical.