Monday, October 18, 2004

62 days: The Fine Operation of Procrastinationat 0435 hrs

Because I want to prove to everybody what a fantastic procrastinator I am, and how I have so totally no discipline in the wee hours of the morning, I recounted my count down to Drik.

It's not 77 days, it's now 62 days, assuming I leave two weeks before the New Year.

Anywa, what the hell is "wee hours" anyway, who's the sad lame ass who came up with that sad lame line and HOW did he even come up with it? Yes, yes, I'm being anti female equality I'm assuming a guy coined the term because which gender is more likely to use the word "wee"??? The same gender that came up with like 56,738 variations of the word "vagina".

Wah lau what's wrong with me man.

Anyway, I keep hearing this weird noise in my room. Except that I'm quite deaf, so I don't know if it's even in my room or which part of the room.

Eh, stopped already. It better not be an insect. Cos it's probably a DAMN big insect and I don't want to have the cockroachcrawlingovermyforehead encounter repeated. That happened a long time ago anyway, but I STILL REMEMBER IT. Wouldn't you?

Question, question. Would you rather:
1. Eat 10 live slugs.
2. Transfer bigass cockroaches (live) with your mouth? Like about 5 or 6 at a time, and have them try running down your throat, and biting your tongue.

Tough, tough. Fear factor was a topic of discussion at dinner. Erm ya I know, weird timing.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, there was a man by the surname of Wee, so had to get up early every morning to catch cockroaches to bring to the market to sell. So that's how the term "wee hours" was born.

the prole said...

i will take the cockroaches anytime. Cockroaches are dry, clicky and sometimes hairy. But slugs are slimy, gooey, chewy squishy things. Disgusting. You can crush a cockroach but you cannot crush a slug.

Anonymous said...

I think people mistakenly think of cockroaches as "crushable" because they're... crunchy.. but.. here are the list of pros and cons.

1. Crunchy on the outside
2. Disgustingly gooey and smelly intestines and shit on the inside
3. Will try to crawl down your throat
4. Will try to bite your tongue
5. Feelers will tickle your throat

1. Disgustingly gooey and slimy.