Sunday, October 17, 2004

77 days: Offsprung

Just had a nice dinner with my family. They borrowed my uncle's car and drove all the way down to have "Tze Char" dinner with me. It was the most food we'd EVER ordered... think it's cos we're all hungry.

1. fish-head curry
2. hotplate tofu
3. venison
4. cereal prawns
5. sambal kangkong

Mmmmmmmmm. Its nice, it's what we always order, sans number 1, 3 and 4. Those were extravagant.

And my mom's birthday is in three days, October 20th. In tribute of that:

Mom looking very please with herself after her second marathon I think 2 years back. I only arrived in time to take photos of her at the finishing line.... I think I posted this up at Xanga before.. but what the heck. It's my favourite photo of her, because she looks young and invincible. She was 47 then.

And because the two of them have been married for 24 years, and together for 32 years, I thought I'd include my Dad's photo as well.

Otherwise also known as "Pa", my dad is 50 this year. He's retiring soon. That's my cousin Reuben, much smaller than what he is now. My dad adores him, as I think is evident from the photo.

Ok, back to work.