Wednesday, October 06, 2004

89 days: Rumsfailed

Just when you develope this overwhelming sense of tragedy for the Americans, you come across something that makes you cheer for the blues and whites again.

The beauty of America on its highways:

It's just a website called FREEWAY BLOGGER that encourages people to exercise the First Amendment on the roads by putting up signboards.

"When you put a sign on the highway, people will read it until someone takes it down."

Also, head to for more

Some of the best includes:
"Nobody died when Clinton lied"
"If we went after Bin Laden like we did Bill Clinton he'd be dead by now"
"This is the only sign you will see today that was not made by a corporation"
"War is good for the economy. Like cannibalism is nutritious"
"Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot"
"Memo to Bush: You're fired"
"WMD: 0"
"Hooray! We got the wrong guy"

Shamelessly lifted from Mr Brown's website.


But the freeway blog thing is something which I've been fantasising about for a long time. Not limited to freeways of course...

Imagine signs hung across the bridge between Canteen A and NIE... how many students will see it at rush hour before someone catches on?

Or posters plastered everywhere in the dead of the night.

Or a huge banner unfurled as the morning rush crowd enters Shenton Way.

Of course, it's nearly impossible. We've 24 hr security guards almost everywhere.

What would you write if you could do the same here as in California?

NTU has no campus life
Uniquely PAP
Ah Loong's wife was murdered
Quit hanging people
Sit, Stay, Obey
Our founding father looks like our Zoo's mascot
The PAP wants you to get a life
Guaning is a lackey
Send JBJ to a decent nursing home
The Chronicle does NOT hate the NTUSU
Please don't hate us China
Please don't hate us Taiwan
It takes 39 years to rid a country of its happiness
Singapore: US's 51st state

Haha ok. I think I'm only amusing myself. Just joking hor.


The bad thing about this blogsite is that you can't protect your entries. I'm going to be a blogslut, and use Xanga and Blogspot at the same time.


m said...

how can I cheer you up, let me count the ways.. hm.
don't be stressed jess, if not, I can't rellie see my year 3 life happening. =D

hope the bangladesh thing works out and soon!