Wednesday, October 06, 2004

90 days: Don't hold yourself like that

I'm still on a Damien Rice craze. Seriously, I'm driving myself a little crazy with his songs, but it's addictive.

Not too sure whether to wake Shireen up. She fell asleep, her light is on, and erm... I just want to know if she INTENDED to sleep because if she DIDN'T then I wanna play some music. No points for guessing what song.

The gorgeous girl is Lisa Hannigan. Who sounds even better than she looks. Sigh some people are born talented.

Just went to check out who the hell Richard Avedon is. I think that book I borrowed from the library on 20th Century Photography kinda gave me a skewed view on who's famous and who's not. They left out so many people!!

Anyway, this is my favourite pic from his collection at

Sheikh Saud Al-Thani of Qatar

I call it a "What the Fuck" photo, because when you first see it, you go "What the fuck!!?"

Seriously lah, what the fuck!!!??? I'm speechless.

Since we're on the topic of photos... I went to find a few more of my favourites...

Bert Hardy's Gorbals Boys

Helmut Newton for French Vogue
The original, without the text, is even more compelling. Couldn't find any other version online...

Nick Knight's Smoking Susie

Erm ok, I'm kinda drawn to all the commercial photos...

Eugene Smith's Country Doctor.
I think he's one of Shyam's favourites... and I think the guy looks like Jude Law, and that the pic looks like a movie still (but its not lah)

Back to work.


huckerby said...

my favourite pic is by dennis stock... it's a b & w shot of james dean in times square.