Friday, October 01, 2004

94 days: That poor dude.

Some people can be so mean. There's a posting online of pics of some guy apparently sleeping on the MRT train... except that his shorts pulled up a bit, the holes are to big, and erm... his privates were peeking out from between his legs.

But still! to post photos (with face) summore, condemming him and calling him shameless when it's obvious heh had no idea....

Sigh some people are mean.


I wonder if it were because of the heavy meal of six pieces of Marie biscuits that gave me a nightmare last night.

I remember i was on my way to perform... acting i think.. i remember wearing my black working pants and some shimmery gold top (erm yeah) and the time was abouth 10 minutes to 5pm.

I don't remember what happened in between, except that it included some sort of evil (demons and shit) masquerading as humans and trying to kill us.

Then, when we all thought it was fine and safe, one of my "friends" was next to me carrying her baby. I think that's the only member of her family that survived the attack.

And another "friend" of ours wanted to carry the baby, she she handed the baby to him.


This friend, who was actually a demon who took on the look of our friend, plucked off the baby's head.

The mother as screaming like fuck.

The whole head came off, with the spine attached to it, like it was stuck on top of a pole. Then the demon threw the body on the floor, blood everywhere, and knocked a hole at the top of the baby's head and proceeded to suck out whatever was inside.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY DREAMS????????????????????
No wonder i always so tired.

I don't remember