Wednesday, November 10, 2004

38 days: Pulp

Books give me a high. I don't know why. I rhyme!

Guiqing is a sweetie. But I she would so smack me if I said that in front of other people. She bought me an advanced bdae present which I was gonna buy myself if she hadn't beat me to it. Great minds think alike eh?

Am grinning like a stuck idiot now. Thanks bitch.

Anyway, this book caught my eye at Amazon... and I don't know how else to describe the cover by er... delicious? It's not a hint guys, I'm not THAT bad. Anyway I've 10,000 other things I need more. Review
Take 10 internationally renowned curators and ask them to choose 10 of the world's best photographers: the result is Blink, a stunning Phaidon book containing hundreds of beautifully reproduced photographs by acclaimed photographers from all over the world. A "snapshot of the world of contemporary photography", Blink brings together curators as diverse as Marcelo Brodsky, Alasdair Foster, Shino Kuraishi and Simon Njami to introduce and write about "the kaleidoscope of ideas, approaches and techniques that is photography today".

I have had nothing but good things happen to me today. I feel as if it's already my birthday or something. No... 313 paper wasn't phenomenally easy... Not forgetting I was 10 mins late... as I seem to be for ALL my GEs nowadays... just that haha got that present, got the best paper left to study for (lit), going to drink tonight, two nice fat books on Bangladesh waiting for me to devour, a spanking good grade for my 316 essay which I just think I kinda deserve because I really worked till 6 am for two days and nights in a row with minimal sleep getting that damn thing done.

Hiyah, sweeping transiance of happiness that can take me whole.