Saturday, November 06, 2004

43 days: It feels almost over

Can't bring myself to study. Feel stupid studying for 311 really. Browsed through stuff, but that's it. Will probably regret it tomorrow, but that's something to worry about tomorrow.

I've been addicted to the "Next Blog" button on blogspot... it's amazing the kind of stuff you can find out there once you move away from the local Singaporean uni-students circle.

Been reading:

honestpartisan (35 yr old lawyer in Brooklyn)

What I've seen:

Landed in a young dude's site... was amazed at how religion was so much a part of his life, don't see it often here.. and then saw he was from Texas. Thanks for helping me rid myself of stereotypes.

Some German lady who loves to knit.

Someone's very uplifting letter to kerry "Mr. Kerry, we are listening, we pray that you are listening, and we believe in US!".

A japanese rapper living in the City of Angels who talks about God.

And... believe it or not, that button led me to someone's blog, and I read the line "Tomorrow..or rather, 8 hours and 43min to 221 paper" and I think... no waaaaaaaaayyyyyy... and yup.. landed in some yr 2's site.

A fellow young journalist in New York.

Someone called Allison who writes nicely "allisonramblings". A term I read off "injury to awake ratio" which I think would be very applicable to me. Excerpt:

"I am voting for Bush. Stop yelling at me. I would rather have a leader who is more conservative than I am. I also believe that the position of President of the United States of America holds less importance than most people believe. The president really doesn't have control over as much as we think that he does. Here's my real problem with politics today: no one's allowed to have a difference of opinion. If someone comes out as a Bush supporter in a liberal area, they are assumed to be stupid and backwards. I am neither. I have no strong anti-Kerry agenda. If he wins, he wins. But please, Kerry people, stop saying that anyone who's voting for Bush must be ignorant. I'm not ignorant. It's called a difference of opinion and that is what makes our country so great. We can be of different minds, but still both be right."
And someone's blog had a link to this Iraq News Spoof - it's amusing, quick to download too.
I've never felt this way about blogging before... it's fucking awesome how it's delivering the promise of the internet.


Tym said...

I was pretty addicted to the "Next Blog" button when it first appeared --- but then I found that a lot of blogs would a) take ages to load, b) pop up all sorts of stupid ads/redirection pages, or c) worst of all, result in some automatic download of who-knows-what virus/Trojan-related crap onto one's hard disk.

So I stopped :(

the prole said...

Hmmm...i totally agree with the excerpt. kerry is donkey ugly and really not much different from bush...never mind the liberal and conservative all means the same now...yeps...DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS!

Woohoo...whats that?

A highly valued opinion minus a lowly-valued opinion.