Wednesday, November 03, 2004

45 days: Stupid Americans

Was gonna blog about a lot of other stuff, but of course, when an Ass lands back in the white house, it kinda hogs all the headlines, including this blog.

Ya lor. I wonder what kinda congratulatory msg Ah Hsien will send him.

"Hey congrats on your second term! Hope I'll be able to do the same... but should be able too lah, since we're so similar cos our fathers help us."

OOPS! *covers mouth* I'm going the way of the AWSJ-bird....


Here are random stuff which I encountered recently:

- Arachnoism - theory applicable to human behaviour, which states that an initial benefit is worth more than subsequent losses. A spider which catches a lot of food at one spot will not move even if that spotis constantly under attack from curious eyes, rain and wind. Similarly, a human being which encounters something really good will not change his or her mind even if that good starts to seem too good to be true. Can be applied to relationships and studying spots.

(there's an economics term for this which i forgot)

- Babbie's Babble - who said CR is boring... pong's cr text is the best i've read ever...

Excerpts from the ass-kicking glossary section:
(in spirit, not accurate)

"deduction - that of a duck"
"induction - act of stuffing a duck"
"regression line - a pick up line used which involves asking "hey, wanna know about my past lives?"
"lambda - that of eweda and ramda"


- worse - There are three ways in which to articulate the word "worse" (Lim, M. P. , 2004).

Economies of Studying/Shit - the loss faced by an individual when he or she does more and more studying. Also linked to decreasing marginal utility whereby the amount of information absorbed is negatively correlated to the amount of pages read so far.

Oh my god what is wrong with me. I am totally WORSE.

I've killed 3 ants and 3 mosquitos in a bid to watch a spider spin its deadly silk.

I usually can't kill ants (moquitos attack, they deserve it) when they're not bothering me because my conscience bothers me, but well, all in the name of science.

Oh, and you just simply can't study when u're feeling sad.


Where has Jess been?

Here's a list of where I've studied, just in case i forget, which i'm likely to do.

Year 1, Sem 1: Hall 9 Canteen
Year 1, Sem 2: Hall 9 Canteen, and Hall 9 room
Year 2, Sem 1: Hall 12 room, CS benches
Year 2, Sem 2: Hall 7 room, Darren's place
Year 3, Sem 1: Hall 7 room, CS benches, NIE, Darren's place

I seem to be diversifying my choices. Exam periods are usually very eventful for me. Stuff always happens.

I like studying, because I usually enjoy the content, but ONLY AND ONLY IF I have enough time to do so leisurely. Which is never. Which means right now, I don't quite like it. Rushing has never been my thing.

Good luck hor everybody, and myself.