Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Chobi Mela III

I Will Not

Today on Earth Day we are celebrating by making promises

But I will not
I will not stop throwing paper on the ground.
I will not stop using plastic bags
I will not go to clean the beaches
I will not stop polluting
I will not do all these things because I am not polluting the world
It is the grown-ups who are dropping bombs
It is the grown-ups who have to stop
One bomb destroys more than all the paper & plastic that I can throw in all my life
It is the grown-ups who should get together and talk to each other
They should solve problems and stop fighting and stop wars
They are making acid rain and a hole in the ozone layer

I will not listen to the grown-ups!

[Student of class five of Karachi High School on Earth Day 1991].

*wistful smile*

I desparately wanna go. Just a few days shy of the festival... nevermind. I'm sure Shyam will have a good time. I am deliciously delighted at how many times the word "resistance" and "activism" appears on the Drik webpage.

Have had my medical checkups. Have done the visa. Have kinda figured out that even if I don't get to exercise and curry can be fattening after awhile I will be dropping pounds like crazy because of all the weight I will lose by wearing long pants and long sleeves in the tropical weather.

Will be leaving after Christmas though. They're too busy with Chobi Mela to bother with us as of yet... and now all I can think is

How on earth am I going to remember their names????

I have a big problem with Islamic names... i can't pronounce it and I can't remember it. At least it's not Tamil names. I can't even comment on that because I can very honestly say I don't know any at all - other than the abbreviated versions.

Am sitting in ACRC, a lot of construction work going on.. was kinda hoping for a crash course in Bengali from Shyam, but I think the teachers are all not around today. Aw shucks. I think the teachers should just combine all their damn books into a separate library. What's the point of keeping all those stuff behind their closed doors??? As if they have time to read them at work... All the expensive, good stuff you can't find elsewhere also...

Am tempted to borrow this book I found in ACRC... "Forging Peace - Intervention, Human Rights and the Management of Media Space" It looks good... but just not in the mood for another problem-from-hell-kinda info overload... I wish books weren't so heavy (physically). It's just paper leh, why the hell do they have to weight so much???????

I love how I'm making so much sense.


Anonymous said...

how did u end up with this blangadesh stint?? how long u gonna be there for?