Monday, December 20, 2004

11 days: Dead Beat

Don't know what you meant by that remark Pong, but just to clear up any more silly questions, this is what Dhaka looks like:

So it's not a slum-covered, kampong-like, electricity-less backward country of a nation.

Nope. We have Malaysia for that.

OOOoooooooh ok uncalled for. Sorry sorry.

Really! Sorry.


So this is the part where I should do the obligatory "how-i-spent-my-21st-birthday", but I find that as with cameras and any other sort of memory-capturing equipment - the value of the event diminishes with the amount of recorded memory available on it.

Prosthetic memories and such hor Pong? Sorry was reminded of ur blog.

This is shooting myself in the foot, since I like taking photos. But I figured there are two types of memories you want to keep - those you want to share, and those you want to keep private. The private ones... they don't need pictures. Besides, the human tendancy to remember things the way they ought to be (not should be) remembered always makes the experience far sweeter in retrospect.

Which is like that Kundera quote (Pong! Thinking of your blog again!) "illuminated by nostalgia" and such.

But I had a satisfying birthday, which hasn't seemed to really have ended yet. But just to be technical about this, yes, I did have a satisfying birthDAY.

And I was just trying to compare this birthday and the last, and I realised that I don't remember anything about my 20th birthday. Memory has never been my forte, (which is perhaps the source of some sort of subconscious motivation to take photos) but it is kinda sad... Ah well I suppose it'll come to me after a while.

I don't recall getting drunk though...which actually makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. I did get drunk this year though. Although the word "drunk" kind of dulls the true nature of the actual event. You'll have to ask me for details. A Waterfall is really not an advisable birthday treat. Unless you guys are into the whole lets-see-how-near-death-we-can-become (but if you are, you wouldn't be waiting for a birthday to do it would you? No sirree I think not).

But I do know the past year has been immensely satisfying ( I don't know what is it with me and that word tonight) because I actually feel as if I've progressed a bit or somewhat along the age-line. Not in terms of maturing... just... ageing I suppose. I do feel as if things have happened, which is more than I can say for the past 20 years of my life.

And I guess if that's the case, my 22nd will be marked as a milestone of sorts as having being the year when a HECK of a Whole Damn Lot happened.

I'm going to pour myself a gin and coke and slowly savour the first hour of my official adulthood.

Going to Dhaka could never have happened at a better time.


the prole said... look forward to your posts from Dhaka! Haha...happy birthday lor

Anonymous said...

check out that cricket ground.. sweet..

foreground looks like hdb flat and bishan park