Tuesday, December 14, 2004

18 Days: Media Overload

Been having a media overload.

First of all, the SPH party yesterday which I shamelessly showed up at. I was not very keen at first, because i'm really sick and tired of Thumper, and didn't feel too much in the mood. But let's just say that by the end of the night, the free flow made me quite happy. But i'm glad I went back, because I've been wanting to ask someone about freelancing from Bangladesh... and I got an offer of sorts! So hopefully I won't be as broke when I get back. YAY!

And then.. the Star Awards whichI watched (for the clothes man) but this year was disappointing cos there wasn't much to laugh at. Other that christopher lee's bright orange shoes. I don't know why I still get such a big kick out of watching the show.. considering I hardly have time to watch chinese serials now... but still... it's almost as if they're family.

And let me just say the Tays of Caldecott Hill are my favourite. Well, Zoe has always been tops for as long as I can remember, but Mr Tay below (looking rather constipated unfortunately) is not too bad either. *wink*

And lastly, and overload of Friends, with an especially poignant quote, when Phoebe's love-of-her-life has to go to Minsk for 3 years.

"And then you put your arms around me, and tell me it's almost midnight and you have to go because you don't want to start New Year with me if you can't finish it." - Phoebe, Season 1.

Hmm. It's going to be tough.