Monday, December 13, 2004

19 Days: Williard and the Nutcracker

Just bought some stuff from Little India... feel like I could really get used to wearing Punjabi suits. The colours are really gorgeous, and it's the norm - so i'm forced to discard my usual brown/white/black get up.

Orchard is ok on Monday afternoons. I didn't feel suffocated at all today, only for a little while - at the underpass linking Wisma and Taka. But being forced to visit Zara (brother is growing up) and walking past Guess kinda made me want to just run. Don't ask me why.

Having no money is very exhausting. Of course I'm exaggerating when I say I've no money, but I've no money in the sense that I can't shop unless mom's around. I've been scrimping for a long time now, and it just feels very tiring being such a wet blanket all the time having to have people pay for me first etc.

And hiyah. It's just getting very tiring scrimping to the extent that I completely changed the way I usually do things. But I think it's a good lesson for me. Been taking money for granted for too long.