Thursday, December 09, 2004

21 days: Bereavement of Alcohol

Went out last night... sorta an impromptu thing.. and the whole night would've ended splendidly if only somebody had been able to yield a bit of self control when it came to alcohol consumption.

Seriously. There's no such thing as either you drink till you've had enough, or you don't drink. All things in moderation eh?

And Alvin, your brand of buddhism would be lost on most people LAH. And your poem doesn't rhyme! You've totally disappointed your favourite poets.

And Joce, haha buncha pple = a buncha you only bother to meet when you're leaving the country aka friends existing at the perimeter of the friendascope.

I don't have a perimeter. I have one core and that's it. And of course you're in the damn core.

And Ghim, I meant if I try for CNA, i'll be burning bridges with ST twice... heh I don't really have very high hopes for getting into a wire right now...

Guess I'm still looking to expand my choices.. I feel quite suffocated at how little choices there seem to be... plus the merger, and the yr 2s working already... I just have this feeling there are niches out there yet unexplored.

Feeling slightly more empowered than usual, for reasons still unknown. Don't fuck with me unless you want to get it worse back.

Maybe sparked off by being so tired of seeing my friend being treated like a useful kitchen appliance. When you need it, you take it out, when you don't, you hide it out of sight.

Ok that goes into the Hall of Fame of Terrible Analogy(s).

Anyway, my point, which has been lost in my terrible meandering prose, is that she's being taken for granted. Always needing to rush to someplace to meet someone, rather than someone rushing to our place to meet her.


Shall settle air tickets today.

Oh. Alvin. I'm so disappointed that I've to explain to you about the Dhaka thing. I thought you were my man-bitch? *sulks*


Ghim Lay said...

Oh haha ok I get it now... Aiyah then you just tell them, "Who ask you all so stupid, go and close channel i?!"

Anonymous said...

dear jess: i wasnt the one who asked abt dhaka! ur manbitch is better-informed than u expect, even though neobuddhism demands i shake off all earthly ties.. hehe

and it wasnt a poem lah free verse not my thing