Tuesday, December 07, 2004

23 days: Let the Countdown Begin (again)

Will be leaving probably December 30th. So at least after that no one will be rushing to some New Year's Day Countdown while I'm on the plane.

And plus, hopefully the people there will feel too obliged to let me spend New Year's Eve by myself, and invite me to some place somewhere.

Re-reading my previous entry made me cringe. My grammar is terrible.

In this 23 days I've to:

1. Figure out how to get $$ over there
2. Buy a mike/headphone/videophone thingy for laptop
3. Get laptop fucking fixed
4. Make a visit to Little India for some shopping (clothes)
5. Buy a good pair of shoes (maybe only lah)
6. Figure out how to get my hands on a 50/30mm lens
7. Visit the NSC
8. Find some huge luggage
9. Stuff myself with Singaporean food
10. Take lotsa pictures so I can make myself cry and feel homesick

Was gonna type 11. Meet up with a whole buncha pple then realised that... I don't have a whole buncha people to meet. I am like, so, totally uncool.

Fuck. I've a lot to do. I can't believe some people even asked me to work during the hols... ARE YOU NUTS?

Oh yeah.

11. Make a last visit to RJC before they do something to it like put barbed wire so I can't climb over.

What photos to take?
1. Lots of cats
2. Little India
3. Chinatown
4. Tissue uncles at Newton
5. Beer uncles at Newton
6. Friends
7. My room
8. Darren (sorry sweetie haha)
9. My family
10. My extended family
11. All my bitches
12. Darren's place (aka Freedom Central haha)

That's it.


mangomaiden said...

U've no "buncha pple" to meet?
I see I've been forgotten *sobs*sobs*

Tym said...

There won't be barbed wire at RJC. The place'll just belong to another school.