Monday, December 06, 2004

Anonymous is getting on my nerves. If you are who I think you are, stop it. The angst/cynicism-ridden poem gave it away.

Been doing a bit of thinking about ST... and I seriously do miss the people there. It's hard not to, especially after they've all proven to be so damn nice (w exceptions, of course).

But was also contemplating giving CNA a try... it's apparently quite a nice place to work at as well... but I don't know if i'll get a second chance after burning bridges with the Dhaka thing.

Ah well. I'm pretty sure I'll try CNA. Must try everything mah... who knows? Might turn out to be better at it than print.

Weather's beautiful today, shall not waste it by sitting at the computer.


Anonymous said...

who do you think i am? haha.. though i cannot take responsibility for ALL anonymous posts on this site

disappointing reaction, but you actually proved my point.. musings from a friend get on your nerves, and you find angst and cynicism where there is none.. granted, buddhism isn't for everyone

- alvin

Ghim Lay said...

Har? Burn what bridges with CNA? Since when were they with SPH, or am I missing something here?

Anyway I think you should try a wire, think you will like it.