Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Well I'm kinda speechless now, but I just recommend anybody with a minute to spare to click on this LINK here to hear what has to be the most ********** song I've ever heard before.

I shall pass no comments, because to do so will insult the person whose blog I found the erm.. "music" on. I don't know her but still. Just go listen. PLEASE.

Oh. And it is on repeat mode. So be careful.


Mervin said...

I think if Chucky became a singer, and ventured into the genre of bubblegum pop, that's how it would sound like.

Ghim Lay said...

Hahahahah how in the world did you find that?!

panaphobic said...

Erm... it was a link from someone's blog. No names!!! But haha i'll be happy to tell you in person.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, ive found a more irritating song than tata young's i believe! feel like slapping the actcutesy singer.