Monday, December 06, 2004

Who There?!?

Who asked the question in the previous post? I doubt I know you.


Anyway. Was going to title this post "This is Bliss" because I've finally reinserted myself into the Grid/Internet/Web with family's new computer PLUS MaxOnline and i finally have some good music to listen to.

It's about time I suppose, considering we were operating on a 56k modem computer purchased in 1997.

Opened the Straits Times today and felt a bit discomfited. Well ok, actually I was pissed off. It was Carolyn's article... I'm not pissed at HER of course, just the replies from the Ministry that was printed.

I have a very very very soft spot for people who sell tissue packets. Possibly because I haven't had any unpleasant experiences with them, although the report cites someone who did. A mean spirited side of me would like to believe that that complainer did something to deserve it, like cast the old woman a disgusted glance or something. But we'll never know will we?

I'm bothered by the argument offered by the Ministry, that what the tissue packet pple are doing is basically "illegal" because its the equivalent of "disguised begging" and "hawking" and they actually called it a "problem".

While it is rather unfair to take the media relations' reply to represent the gospel truth (because the answer they gave is simply correct, and nothing more), the problem is that now we'll have Singaporeans holding the authorities true to what they've said, that they promised they would look into it and do something about it.

You know how many people wrote in to complain?


Assuming that i'm a average hard working tissue packet seller, I would approach no less than 1 person every 10 seconds or so, making that 6 a minute, 360 an hour etc. But the report stated it as if the fact that half a dozen people wrote in, the problem is severe.

What about the other 1,000 or so who did NOT write in? The most common reason why people write into the ST Forum is to complain anyway.

I'm not arguing my case properly, because I don't think I have a case. I suppose I just don't like to see people/ministries/press taking an issue with these tissue packet sellers. I don't want them to enter the media spotlight.

Somethings are best left alone and ignored. The most cost effective and efficient way (this is to appeal to gahment pple) is to just leave them alone.

For every illegal tissue seller that you hear about, you probably get more complaints about LEGAL doctors, sales staff, librarians.. whatever.

I like these tissue people. I like the fact that when I give them a big fat smile and $1.00 and say "thank you" in a happy albiet fake voice I can make them smile for a few seconds there they look alright.

I don't buy from them all the time. They're not asking you to. You buy if you want to or if you need it or if you happen to have loose change. Those people who dislike them because they think they're being "pestered"... go complain about the sales staff of Taka jewellery and insurance agents ok? They're making more $$$ and can afford to cut down.

How can anybody have the heart to take up a pen and write a complain letter about people who sell tissue packets? Are you the one sitting next to them trying to sell your own packets at $2? Is that why you're bitter? No? You're not? You were the one who walked past with the NTUC bag filled with groceries as you walked to your car? Oh you've no car... But you had enough to take a bus?

I don't get it. I always sit at the same place in Newton. I know whose face was oh-so-kindly mosiaced in the papers. He sleeps on the bench outside the toilet at night.

If one day, I go Newton, and I don't see any of these tissue people anymore, I'll be genuinely distraught.

Please leave them alone Mr Government. Pleasepleaseplease.

*big big sigh*


Anyway. Happy Birthday Choosin/Chooxin! May you never run out of places to eat at.


Had the rather unpleasant opportunity to meet somebody I shall refer to as G. at a club.

*Side note: Will no longer to entering Zouk unless declared medically insane*
(Don't understand why I'm like that. Everytime I go there, I tell myself that I'll be an idiot to go back again, but somehow or other, people just like congregating there)

Anyway, G. is the embodiment of almost every flaw a overseas-educated person has.

1. Nobody who has not worked at ST is allowed to talk as if they know everything about it.

Because people dissing ST ALL have a tendancy to cite the words 'govt-controlled' as if they have the inside information and they know ALL about how terrible that place is. It is irritating.

2. You should NOT insult another person's race if you've met her for the first time.

Consdiering that the only words we exchanged were INSIDE a club, it doesn't really count as a conversation. Thus, it's almost the same as a complete stranger insulting my race. While I do agree that Chinese people are perhaps more bothered by money than other races, your assumption that this "botheredness" is motivated by greed is rather uncalled for.

--"Are you bothered by money?"
--"Wha... as much as the next person, yes."
--"I mean, are you bothered by it?"
--"What the hell are you talking about?"
--"No offence to you, but when I come back to Singapore, I feel so suffocated. Maybe its because there are more Chinese here than Australia, and chinese are.. you know.. more bothered.."
--[cuts him off] "Yes, I know what you mean."
--"I mean, no offence to you! But when i'm back here I just feel..." [puts on this uncomfortable look]
--[cuts him off] "Yes, I know what you mean."

The conversation went on, can't remember exactly what, but I found that to be a very frightening experience. If every idiot who goes overseas to study is going to come back like him, I would rather they all just stayed away. I'm fucking tired of hearing people who just spent 4 years overseas come back and complain about

"Oh man, Singapore is so boring"
"Oh man, the ST is such a joke"
"Oh man, Singaporeans are so weird"
"Oh you know, back at insert country the people would never do this/we would be doing this"

[words abovew were mentioned by G. don't ask me to explain, it was so irritating i didn't want to encourage him to explain it to me].

Seriously, you have no fucking right to complain about ANYTHING because you were NOT HERE. You're telling ME that this place is boring? I've been here all this while! Go back to wherever you came back from if you hate it so much! The people here really are not interested in listening. We will hear how cool Australia/London/NewYork is, because we all agree that this isn't exactly Funland Paradise of the World, but we will not tolerate you dissing it because it's all we've got whereas you had a choice.

Don't diss the Straits Times because they're doing whatever they can, and don't talk as if you KNOW for a fact that all ST people are pro-government and mere puppets because you HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN THERE. You're half right, but more than half wrong.

I was so suprised at the level of familiarity at which G. was conversing to me about ST that I was actually wondering if he did indeed work there. In fact, he was talking AS IF he was STILL working there. I couldn't quite catch his entire argument, but something along the lines of:

--"Do you know the Straits Times?"
--"Er... of course"
--"Do you know how terrible is it to work there? Do you know what you are there? A puppet!"

Something like that. Plus a very smug face.
So I had the immense satisfaction of seeing his face turn red when he realised that I wasn't some stupid little girl he could brag and tell big fat lies and impress. Sure the BBC thing is waaaaaaay impressive, but if everybody who works with you talks about singapore like you do, I don't know if i'd survive in there.

--"I'm assuming you've worked there?"
--"No I haven't, but I know people who have."
--"Yeah they tell me all about it."
--"I've been there and I don't think you know what you're talking about."
[longer pause]
--"Wow really???" [thoughtful embarassed look]

I don't understand why people who've not been there like to diss it so much. Joolin and I don't even talk about it much because there really isn't anything to say. Unless we meet an idiot like G. who assumes they know ALL ABOUT IT. It's not the bragging rights, not that I know more than you, but if even I don't wanna about it when I've been there even if its was just for a short while... why are you, a person who has never been there, talking so much as if you have?

Its the same as dissing India, which you've never visited, to a person who's been there for a holiday. Don't be an idiot. Shut up.

I make a very solemn promise not to become a prick when I return from Bangladesh. I will try my very best not to. Give me one solid week to finish ranting and raving ok? And after that, I promise NO MORE!


Anonymous said...

human nature is the cause of all suffering
human interaction is the cause of all angst
seclusion is the path to detachment
nothingness is the path to true bliss

Ghim Lay said...

I cannot agree more with you about the dissing Singapore part. I know there's plenty we can change, but it seems everyone who's been overseas become anti-Singapore at some point, and I don't see the need for that.