Saturday, January 08, 2005

8 days: Char time.

It's almost time for tea or something. Someone should be here to ask me to drink soon

I just read ST interactive... a bit of it anyway... just didn't feel so interested in news after being cut off for so long. After reading Bangladeshi newspapers.. ST seems so stiff. Of course it has impeccable grammer (most of the time), and they don't use adjectives unless necesary.. but ya it's stiff as a rod conpared to all the corruption charges and incompetance accusations being made by the local newspapers here. Breath of fresh air. Although it's difficult like it much because it can be very un-objective at times.

I'm starting to count the number of days I've been here. Once it hits 174, i'll know I only have a week left before I leave.

There are three things which I love so far, and can foresee myself liking for the next six months:

1. Taking a rickshaw ride - when done in early morning (or like on Friday or Sat, when less traffic), this can be one of the most spiritully calming experiences ever. The weather here is cold you see, and it's something akin to riding a motorbike in the front because you get a full view of the street (and oncoming vehicles) and the full blast of cold air on your face. It's an unparalled sensation. My dad used to try and let me enjoy this, when I'd take my helmet off when we entered NTU campus on his bike.

2. Walking along the street - i like the street. I like the sand I can feel under my feet, the uneven pavement, the occasional stones. it makes me feel part of the place, just an ordinary person making her way back home. Hope to buy more salwars soon so I can blend in a bit more... I still get started at based on my clothes. I just want to BLEND and DISAPPEAR. It's a simple thing really, but I just find it immensely enjoyable. I like taking my own time to look at things and people.

3. Drinking char at a street corner - they have little makeshift shops selling snacks, cigarettes and hot tea everywhere. Tea, as i've mentioned before, is a very common thing here. I was apprehensive about drinking from one of the shops at first, cos i've a weak stomach...but the weather was cold and the tea was so hot and smelled so good... anyway, my stomach is fine. I used to dilly dally and take my time with drinks... always want to sit down... but i find this way perfectly fine as well. It's nice to just stand there with ur tea and watch people go by (and they of course watching me).

The most heartbreaking sight isn't the beggars, not even the child ones, but those working in waste disposal. I think they're working... cos they're shovelling the rubbish, but maybe they're looking for stuff. There's a big bin of sorts where people throw the rubbish, and these people come and shovel it and bring it elsewhere. The rubbish is always in a big pile around the bin, spilling over or just carelessly thrown. Passing by, you always see people and children squatting barefoot in the filth, picking through it with their fingers. I want to see what they're looking for, but I don't know if they'll hate me for staring.