Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ami bhalo Achun

That's "I'm fine" in Bengali. It's not that difficult to learn, give me a week or so and I should be able to tell people they're over charging me. "onek dema!" (very expensive)

I've actually already done an entry the first night I arrived, but have not managed to get any access to internet till now, and my laptop isn't with me so I'll have to post it tomorrow.

I'm in love with the place, it's just very easy to fall into a routine here. I don't get the displaced feeling I get when I walk in Orchard Road.

The details i'll post in the next blog, and i don't want to repeat myself so I guess that's all for now.

I very much doubt i can lose any weight though, because the food is fabulous. ABSOLUTELY fabulous,. Everything i've taken so far is damn fucking tasty and spicy. Bunch of us might go jogging in the mornings (although right now i don't really see how feasible it is for me to wakeup early).

I just feel like i'm sitting on a wealth of experience and opportunities to tap into, and though the doors seem shut right now, i do have 6 months (choy mash) to work something out.

Yeah... will post pictures if i can.

MSN is kinda out of the question righ tnow also.

Take care pple.


the prole said...

Good to know that you are fine! =) Take care over there!

Ghim Lay said...

Glad to hear your first couple of days went fine =) Keep blogging ok, and take good care!