Friday, January 21, 2005

Goats and Cows

Was unpleseantly and prematurely roused from my sleep this morning by a combination of voices and... well.. "Baa"s.

There's a goat next door, I still can't see it, and it's driving me crazy with is Baaing. There's also an irritating goat of humanoid form next door, who thinks nothing of loud conversations at 9 am in the morning. On a HOLIDAY. Digusting.

Eid is here... can't remember the proper name for it... but it's the same form that u guys are having in Singapore, with more blood.

Will let u know what widespread blood-letting in the streets looks/feels like.

I just hope they keep the animals quiet. The sound effect would make it much harder to bear. But it's so nice to see cows and goats in the street. More stuff to avoid while walking on the street though.

Feel kinda out of touch with the rest of the world.. local english papers are more concerned with local news, and well i've been trying to watch more of BBC News... but i only just found out like two days ago that Brad and Jennifer spilt! I was like, Oh My God.

It's freezing. Wish I had a thermometer to know how cold it is... i'd say like 15? My fingers are numb.

And I hope i find that damn centipede in my bathroom that just disappeared under my nose. Why didn't I step on it when I had the chance... whywhywhywhywhyyyyyy.

Oh, and by the way, this was what I was talking about when I talked about analysis of speeches "The President's Speech focuses on Ideals, not Details." New York Times.


mangomaiden said...

Regarding your latest entry, you sure as hell are thinking WAAAAAAY too much about the meaning of life... chill man! As Oscar Wilde said, life's way too short to be taken seriously hahah...
Btw, who's this Shawn fella? He sounds like a stinking rich bastard.

panaphobic said...
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panaphobic said...

Oops made a booboo above. But I was just saying, he's not too rich nor too poor. Slightly above average, I'd guess. And about the Oscar Wilde thing... haha I guess I always have thought too much, but it's precisely because life's so short, that I have to take it seriously.