Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Have finally landed myself in a state I was trying to avoid since I came here... developed a terrible cough somehow yesterday, when I woke up feeling fine and went to bed at 7 pm feeling the complete opposite.

But still I'm at work... hope to make the cough worse so I can take off tomorrow with no guilt. Haha.

The disgusting man is still as disgusting as ever, after he just dumped yet another project on us.

Admittedly, he did ASK if we wanted to do it, but a few questions to find out more about it somehow gave him the idea that we were willing to take it on.

It involves reading four books on chinese comics and analysing the comics and picking out those relavant to the theme of research.

"So you guys just look through these books... yadayadayayayada"

"oh ok, have you already started on it?" (since you've been holding them for so long and it would help us if you had something to start us off with)

"Oh yes I've finished. I've looked through all this"

*confusion and mild panic* (why are we looking through what you've already looked through)

"Oh ok, so do you have any written materials that we can use? Instead of starting from the beginning?"

"Oh nono, it's all in here" *taps head* "Any questions, I'll be in office till like 10pm today."

"We're not going office today."

The conversation was on the last day of our holidays. What a fine man to pick the last out of four days of holidays to tell us this.

Trying to act so bloody busy that he'll be in office, showing off in front of a colleague who had come to visit.

I think Yixin and I have made it pretty clear that we think he's an idiot. Which is why he gets all flustered and irritated when we start asking him questions.... like why can't these two bitches just shut up and do what i tell them to do.

His wife and son's dried clothes still in the common room for like two weeks, his own clothes on the clothes line for like almost a week, forever leaving huge mess of coffee stains in the kitchen for others to clean up after....

Zen zen zen...