Thursday, January 06, 2005

Homesick. Kinda.

Feel a bit rushed, like I'm trying to settle in too fast. It make me feel dislocated. Actually I'm not trying to rush that... but maybe it's the people... and Shalini's many many plans to go to places starting with tomorrow. She's been rotting in her own boredom for the past 3 mths alone so it's understandable. But I just go here. I'd like to just get a bit more used to this life before doing anything.

The communist/druggie/artist intellecture called Mahlu has started to piss all of us of. He was worse before his wife arrived, bringing pple over to the hostel and having booze parties till late at night etc.

Yesterday he told Yixin and Shalini not to use the computer because it had a virus. Then he told us not to use the computer because he was downloading something. He's talking nonsense cos it seems like he wants to hog the thing for himself.

I'm starting to get homesick. Missing people and things. Hope this feeling will pass, or it'll get a bit difficult for me. Just want to hole myself up in my room with my music and stare at the ceiling. Culture shock i suppose.

Felt amused at myself today when I wore my bathroom slippers to work by accident. Seeing myself with the lapsup slippers, my pants folded up to keep it away from the dust and sand.. feeling the stones and gravel underneath my feet... haha I felt quite comfortable actually.

Have gotten used to the staring. I just take my camera and use it to stare back. Have finished one roll of film... to be developed later tonight.