Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's all in the Family.

Just watched the Godfather Trilogy. Didn't manage to finish the first and second though, because of a faulty DVD which i will be returning soon.

But WOW. Utterly entertaining.

Big Boss coming back on Saturday... since Friday is our off-day.... Can't wait to get out of this department that's sending me to sleep....

But luckily he wasn't here, so I had a chance to go round to see what kinda stuff I want to do. hope he lets us have free reign over our choice of departments and what to do while we're here.

It's almost 2 weeks people. How time flies.

Something I've leant so far, is how to keep my mouth shut. There's a very satisfying feeling in being the only one not shooting off my mouth, keeping quiet. Sometimes I'm forced to, because i don't understand their language. Othertimes I've found it to be more rewarding to just shut up.

I wonder if I'll be like this when I get back. But I am suddenly seeing how irritating I must have been when I talked too much to other people. Silence is a virtue man... hope i learn it. Just think I learn more if I shut my mouth unless I need to ask questions. So "duh" right... why did i never realise this before.


the prole said...

Yeah...sometimes when there is nothing to is better to keep our mouths shut...yes...