Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Just a quick note

Waiting for the guy in charge of my department to come and unlock the damn door so I can get some work done.

Have already written an entry yesterday night, shall upload it tonight if time permits (and network willing) but well it's a boring entry.

I'm still very happy here, though I do get a funny feeling in my stomach when Shalini starts talking about making trips and going places... as if she's already my best friend. I know she means well, and she's really the life saver.. but overfamiliarity after 4 days, plus a desire to just settle down before moving out makes me uneasy.

But i've really warmed up to Topu (who will be mentioned in the blog i've yet to upload), despite his religious slant. Other than him and Shalini, I have to put on a friendly smiley face most of the time.. but with the two of them it's finally become settled and natural.

What I do admire (ok i know it's only 4 days give me a chance to contradict myself) about him is that his strong muslim beliefs (according to shalini and himself he's very religious) is embedded in his character and personaility... he doesn't have to express it, just silently practices it. That's the kind of religion I like. Others are preachy.. or they like to talk about their God... and what's right and wrong... but he doesn't. Just seems like a regular guy with a long beard.



Anonymous said...

hey i'm rotting before my desk because jason will only be back tom and no one else can be bothered with me. how nice.
Heard you tried to call but to no avail. Heh I'll call when I get my pay at the end of the month; I'm currently a moving source of ceaseless whining and bitching.
take care and have a blast.

GH said...

Do you find the guy still very religious? Have you contradicted yourself? What's teh scoop?