Saturday, January 29, 2005

Kris Kahn

Thanks to Joce, got to read what prose that i would describe as sinfully pleasurable to indulge upon.

At the menu, choose "03. Letter Found"

Here's an excerpt:

"You are both five hours behind me and too many dreamscapes beyond. "

"In everything I have written, you struggle to find the implication of you though you never asked me outright: How could you do this to me?  Instead, I read it in your eyes: How could you do this to me, imprison me within your lines? 

My response is devoid now of any meaning it might one have had for I’ve done nothing, nothing of the sort.  I am only trying to make you, this, immortal."



Anonymous said...


I'm a fucking idiot! I ran my first correction and for the dumbest mistake ever: mispelling zou shichang as zou shicahang. uurrgghh and jason actually double-checked with me so i missed it, TWICE! urgh.

anyway be well.


mangomaiden said...

GQ & Jess! I'm saying Hi right now from my service apartment in Bangkok :) Hope you get this asap and come online one of these evenings so we could chat over msn!
Just got updates from my substitute director... realize that some of my actors are getting a bit cocky. Bloody bollockers. Bitch more soon!

GQ>> Chill & hang loose till I get back k? haha...