Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Land of Contradictions.

Took an off-day to try and work the virus out of my body.

All the stereotypes of a third-world country is becoming apparent to me as my stay here grows longer. The poverty, wide income gap, influx of capitalism, crime, corruption, bureacracy, the slums next to the shopping centres..

And yet there are conflicting indications, like the free press, active political scene and a female prime minister.

And then you see the special "police" riding around in jeeps, rumoured to be the hit squad of the government, who will shoot on sight and thus cutting down on all the red tape. Apparently they were activated due to frustration from the corruption of police officials here.

Democracy is certainly no indication of progress, as Singapore has very clearly demonstrated.

It seems to me that Bangladesh is guilty of what Chee Soon Juan has been accused of - caring about the ideals, and not the practicalities of running a nation.

And right now, it does look as if democracy is over-rated, because the ability to vote does not translate into a better standard of living. And with the frequent changes in government and the volatile political scene, obviously politicians will be concentrating more on keeping their posts rather than catering to the rest of the population.

Bangladesh won its independence with blood on the battle field - Singapore was liberalised with a signature on a contract. Both countries have been independent for almost the same amount of time, but Bangladesh seems stuck in the exact same position. The only difference is that there are more of the rich.

It's scary to say this, but it seems like the only way to get any kind of "quick" results is to hire LKY and do away with this wishy washy prime minister who's just not ruthless enough to get rid of her opponents and gain full control of the country and its people. I actually do think it doesn't matter who runs the country, as long as he or she has absolute control. It seems that that's the only way things will get done.

Hiyah I don't know what I'm talking about. Just that Bangladesh has what Singapore lacks and vice versa - and if we go by total costs and benefits - Chee Soon Juan can go fly a kite.

Plan to piss everybody off by going off for a walk by myself later. I'm really sick and tired of having to go everywhere with someone, I won't bring out money and I'll stick to the main roads. Wow look how reckless I am. Here's a bad analogy - the Wright brothers didn't invent the airplane by staring at it in their garage.

But there are a couple of drug addicts I wanna take a picture off - this is the time of the day they're usually stoned out and asleep by the road.