Sunday, January 09, 2005


Finally, visual proof that I'm in Bangladesh and haven't run off to some place of decadent luxury to laugh at all of you while you slog in internship.

I was contemplating posting all the photos here, but that will turn my blog into a never-ending-ever-loading thing, so here's the link.

And for those of you dis/uninterested (can't remember which is right), but would view the pictures if they were here, here's just a few:

Abbas is in front. The one I like, Noinyl, is behind, looking stunned.

Just a typical street.


Just for Guiqing, who might be too lazy to click the link:

More stuff at the website.


the prole said...

PI over here is WORSE WORSE WORSE. Looks like you are enjoying life over there! I like colourful places!

mangomaiden said...

I'm exhausted.
You're having fun.

Mervin said...

I am somewhat busy at work.

I hope you're not.