Friday, February 25, 2005

Are you stupid or something?

Watching Forrest Gump now on cable TV.

The workshop is over, and it only occured to me that it has been a month when the Norwegians were discussing about leaving on Monday.

Just some things to tell:

1. The last day of the workshop was its highlight

Lars finally got what he wanted - which was a debate/fight of some sort during the evaluation of everyone's projects. It's quite funny really, how much scheming there was behind the scenes to make the sparks fly.

The discussion never really did take off during the two days, and Lars was getting very frustrated. I think he's probably the only one. I wasn't expecting anything in the typical West/East fight... and plus the Norwegians seemed too bored to be bothered with opening their mouths.

But thanks to Rajiv, who kind of knew that his work would incite some sort of disagreemetns (because he said he had been criticising others too much), the fight did indeed start.

The classic excertps are:

Another local student to Rajiv:"You're a snobbish middle-class snob trying to impress the foreigners."

A Norwegian to the above local student "What the hell is wrong witht that? You want everything served to you on a silver platter?"

And unfortunately the discussion was cut short by Shahidul trying to keep things under control.

2. I've heard pretty unforgettable stuff

Quote of the year goes to Mr Rajiv, who said, "If one lie will break a thousand lies, why not?"

In reference to Lars lying to just about everyone in order to get some work done for his project on Child Labour.

And the runner up goes to Eivand from Norway, who said, "Why are we only talking about this now when this model is involved?"

In reference to a heated debate about Lars project when he featured Bangladesh's most famous model in not so flattering pictures with her child servant. Everyone was talking about whether permission to publish/take photos was necessary. And Eivand in the midst of it all said what he said, and went on to point out that permission rights never came up in the previous projects featuring tribal indigenous people.

*DING* light bulb goes on.

3. Some Norwegians wasted their money coming here

The girls irritate me, because they seemed more interested in the shopping than anything else. And even though Linn put on a beautiful sari, it didn't make her look very good in light of the fact that she said after that "It's best to remember that some of the shopkeepers here are not very smart."

Other complained about inedible food (that's because Norwegians use no spices in their cooking) and the incompetant people.

Bloody fuckers. Everyone bowing in front of you trying to make things easy for you and trying to serve you and you say that? Bloody fuckers. I'm just itching for one of them to say it in front of me. They're taking everything for granted.


Anonymous said...

hahaha go girl! you should've said something anyways... what's wrong with the scandies!


Anonymous said...

regarding the model.... its simply cos... he or she can sue while indigenous ppl can't or don't(whichever way u see it). Get out of singapore doesnt mean the suing stops lor....

and seems like its always the case hor according to krishna... u always shut up when it matters... same like in the SU AGM. c'mon lor... if u got issues... spit it out.

Jess said...


I didn't say anything cos nothing happened in front of me! As I was saying, i'm just waiting for one of them to shoot off their mouth in front of me...

And regarding the model. It wasn't a question of whether the model would sue or not. the discussion centered around the ETHICS of informing a subject... the word "sue" never appeared at all. and hence what Eivand said was very crucial..

And er. if the indigineous people can't sue, ph, does that mean you won't be asking their permission for anything?