Monday, February 21, 2005

Photos Updated.

The photo link is somewhere below I think.

Am tired and angry. Maybe childishly angry I don't know. For many various reasons. Maybe it's the lack of sleep. Pissed off at a lot of people. Ok, just three.

Main target of anger is the Norwegian teacher-in-charge who's being a pain in the fucking ass. The deadline was noon today, and most of the local students couldn't make it. Because we all have film cameras. And we have to wait for negatives to be developed, prints to be ready, do the selection, queue to scan in the negatives, fight to use the computers to do editing, struggle with English captioning and text.

Oh ya only one scanner.

So don't come here with your big ass and keep saying how organisation was so poor this year compared to the previous year when they ha "THREE scanners" working, and don't lecture us on how we should have kept out negative scanners clean so that the local students wouldn't have to cope with editing out so much dust and scratches.

Mention it once, make your point, and shut up. Don't bloody keep repeating it to poor Joseph who is trying his best to rush everyone and pissing everybody off also in the process.

All your freakin' students have digital cameras. ALL of them have laptops. And even so, some of them couldn't even finish on time. And you want to compare with us? and say how "a deadline is a deadline".

We're already trying to cope with the difference in technology, don't come and make it look as if we're incompetent when you didn't have to do the same.

Just your basic rant and gripe.


Anonymous said...

so hows the curry?

Anonymous said...

Better yet, who did you go to eat with? Wasn't it a big day in that country? What did you guys do?

mangomaiden said...

hey fuck off that teacher man. U can quote me to him up front