Monday, February 28, 2005

Put a Face to it.

Just two pictures to show who I've been talking about. Photos taken with Lars' very delicious 14 mm lens (but he's digital so its more like 21mm).

Spacing out to a very very late mid-jan copy of the Economist in the middle of Feb. *sigh*. Rajiv's room is not quite as neat as is should be, considering that he has a lot of help around the house. It's warm, and I'm getting irritated at the cultural dress codes of long sleeves even and getting even more irritated that I've gotten so used to it that even in front of friends I feel uncomfortable flouting the rules.

On the rooftop of Rajiv's apartment block. Its only 5 storeys high, but it's good enough to get a rare spatial view of the area. Lars is supposed to doing his work on child labour, but the allure of the rooftop is much too great. I look spastic (according to various but unanimous feedback) and in my defence, the sun was directly in my eyes. The view is important, because everything is so crammed together, we have often walked past places without realising where we are, until we viewed the same place from the opposite side of the road.

On another note, (pun totally intended) I've managed to secure enough Carpenters songs to drive Guiqing to musical hell and back. It seems that no matter where I go, I always leave my original collection behind, but manage to get my hands on an alternate set. So right now, I've 3 sets of the same songs, in 3 different places. Destiny? Fate? Whatever.

And the whole Norwegian bunch flew off this morning, with a wide range of emotions. One was still popping diarrhoea pills (I'm fine, really *take pill*), Ivan and Lars were basically whining about having to go back, the girls were all prepped with pastel eyeshadow and makeup and extremely ready to leave, Magnus Bjourn and Tomas tried on their lungis for one last time here and I must say, it looked pretty fine on them.

So i'm glad to see some go, feel sorry for those who wish they could stay. But what Ivan and Lars said kinda made the most sense.

"What the hell are we going to do when we go back?"

Indeed, indeed. I wonder if it's any coincidence that they're the oldest in the group (28 and 30) and the only ones who seem to really want to stay and do more work.

And we were just discussing the other day, what a strange coincidence it was for the three of us to have been grouped together in the very first project at the workshop - and somehow stuck together throughout the month.

Because as I said before, it was likely we would have drifted together anyway. We have the same kind of work attitude (when we're doing our work, the whole world can just fuck off, including friends), a tendancy towards unreasonable perfectionism (rajiv triumphs here) and a tinge of workaholicism (lars wins hands down). I'm kinda in the middle. I still like my sleep more than anything. And plus we talk in class regularly, together with about 4 or 5 others - and it occured to me the often although we start out arguing we always end up agreeing with each other and the argument goes *poof*. i'm not sure if it's just the 3 of us, the rest are probably similar as well, but somehow it seems more obviously similar. Ah well whatever eh?


Ghim Lay said...

Aiyoh what's wrong with Blogspot. The text on your blog suddenly became so small, they were reduced to thin lines. I had to copy and paste the text onto Word and enlarge it by 24 times before I could read it haha. Nice pics, glad to see you've met some great people =)

hows the curry?? said...

whichever browser u using.... u can click view > textsize > select a larger font size next time....