Thursday, March 17, 2005


I finally realised today what's the one thing this country doesn't have.

Ok, correct that, one thing this country doesn't have that I want. So that rules ouf McDonalds and BK and whole lotta other stuff.


And while i'm at it, this place also needs AN INCREASED AMOUNT OF DECENT COFFEE AVAILABLE.

I tell you right, trying to find coffee here is very easy. Cos there's only ONE place that has it. And it doesn't allow me to tapau.

So right now i'm missing the times in school when I tapau coffee club express coffee (ala Mr Cenite heehee) and just happy happy sit in aircon room and do work. =(

Can't even tapau tea lor.

So this is the rooftop of the only damn place in Dhaka which seems to sell decent coffee, taken by me a while back when Lars was still here. Cafe Mango.. and its spinoff "Escape from Shanghai" which I haven't visited yet probably has coffee too.. just feel some kind of mounting pressure when I consider going there... will they expect me to love the place????

I love trees. I do, and the huge ones next to Dhanmondi Lake's beautiful in sunset.


alvin said...

you've bean working yourself into the ground with plenty of latte nights haven't you..

mangomaiden said...

I love the photos... beautiful tree...
Yo Alvin How've you been? Play pool with me!