Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm practicing your name so I can say it to your face.

Haven't exactly been doing much, other than helping out in the AV department, which we found out yesterday we were "a part of". Currently trying to conceptualise an exhibition/multimedia thingy of sorts... which seems to be headed no where. Waiting for approval for another project, and another one waiting in the wings to be scripted.

Quote of the day: "The weather is hot, but the wind is chill." Not by me, or Yixin.

And another one which I just recalled, "I a not a tree."

Listening to The Blower's Daughter... which always makes me feel sappy and nua. Went on a shopping spree of some sorts yesterday.

We thrust ourselves against the post and still insist we see the ghost.ed

Ok nevermind, I mean, we thrusted ourselves into the swelthering lanes of Elephant Road, getting momentarily lost between the cramp, claustrophobic stalls, blinded by the glitter and shine radiating from everywhere. Bangladeshi jewellery, is outrageously gaudy, believe you me. And i'm developing a taste for it. Gold is suddenly not that repulsive.

I bought a new pair of sandals, which I intend to wear out soon enough, it cost 200Tks (S$5.50). And a set of bindis/tips, black with a silvery drop in at the bottom, for 20 Tks, and a dark metallic bracelet and matching necklace for 80 Tks. Oh, and a silver ring with a piece of fake light green glass set in the middle for 10Tks

It's nice when you can enjoy retail therapy and still spend less than S$20. I'll be returning another day to get that rainbow coloured necklace which just reminds me of Sarah Lin in jc. I wonder how she is.

it's like our pasar malam in Singapore, except that this is their "orchard road".. or actually more like Toa Payoh Central on a weekend.