Monday, March 07, 2005

More more more more. This will end soon i promise.

Me and Gwen/Yixin making our quick getaway from our quick getaway. Cafe Mango is in the background. One of the off days we took for ourselves when the workshop was over and we were in a bit of denial about going back to work. Such scenes of leisure don't happen anymore.

Another shot of me surrounded by the usual crowd that follows us at the Buriganga dockyards. It gets harder and harder to remain friendly when you go back. I think being a female made it easier for me to talk to the people there.. the men usually don't talk.. but the women are regular chatterbugs and the kids prefer playing with me. It's not my fault if Lars looks fierce and Rajiv has seen too much of it before. But now when i go back they've started to get pushy and demanding... and when i'm tired... *sigh* it's just difficult to remain smiley and happy like in the picture above.

My one and only sari so far. It's rather cheap since I was aiming for cheap. Supposed to wear it for the reportage project to "blend in" but i think i wasn't comfortable enough in it to blend it. But I was wearing it for like 3 days in a row till Rajiv said "for god's sake go and wash it". We're on the rooftop of Drik and that's a bottle of Sprite. Not heineken. But it could've fooled me, really.

Anyway, been doing the same ol' work these days. Logging and getting ready to do a script. The AV department seems to be in shambles, and i don't know how come this suddenly seems to be "our" problem.

A slice of Singaporean life in Bangladesh i suppose? Wah lau ship sinking drag the whole blardy crew down lah!


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i like the second pic...