Saturday, March 05, 2005

More pictures.

Dear 'ol Lars from the land of the vikings sent me some pictures from his digital camera... and he actually took more pictures of me in Bangladesh than I ever did of myself in my whole 2 months here. Ah well.

A very contented me enjoying my 132tks meal (less than S$4) of : latte and freshly baked brownie with icecream at Cafe Mango. I'm telling some street kids outside that Lars is crazy. Thanks for the photoshopping Lars, I know you did it the pixels gave it away.

Cafe Mango makes me feel very confused. I feel guilty like fuck for going there. And yet I enjoy it to bits. It's the bohemian chic place which I like, because I feel I can go there in tatters and feel comfortable with my book and coffee. And yes I'm not in tatters in the picture above, but a plan is being constructed. And yet, only the rich people show up, one after another. The expatriates, the rich kids driving big flashy cars, speaking Bangla with scatter English with faked American accents "Oh my god you're kidding me!".. It's like a mini Holland V.

And I didn't like Holland V. for this reason. And that's the part of Cafe Mango which I don't like. But I like it because it's familiar, i don't get stared at inside, I get a slice of Singaporean life at discounted rates. It's my escape from escapism.

The happy trio in the boat along the Buriganga River, part of the Brahmaputra River that flows through all the way from the Himalayas. May be very well the dirtiest part of the river too. Just further upstream is where the recent ferry accident took place, a few days before we visited the place. Did not visit the scene of the tragedy because... we had people to meet.

It costs 10 Tks to get from one side to the other. I always wondered how Lars' head supported that sunglasses with nothing for it to grab onto.

A better view of the river. Surprisingly, the water looks clean... but it's actually black and there's a stench sometimes. I forgot what colour Sentosa/East Coast water is. These small boats are tricky to get into, You've to step into the middle, if not you'll tip the boat. But you can't, because the mat you sit on is there and you can't get mud on it. And so, I step on the edge, and kneel on the mat and just twirl around till i reach the centre. Very ungraceful. The others seem to manage. I don't know how.

I don't know why I look like that. I don't recall feeling particularly happy that day. In the background are the ferries.. the same kind that capsized.

Above: One of the people I had to meet. The baby she's carrying is Razu, aka King of the Whole Damn World, the most obnoxious baby I know who manages to be a complete asshole while remaining my favourite kid so far in the whole of Dhaka (except for Noyon, who's already my adopted son according to me, so it doesn't count.) His mom wanted photos.. after I spent 2 whole days pestering them.

According to Mr Lars, "Look at the guy in the middle looking at you. I thinks he speaks for everyone that saw us during those first days. He has that exact “what the hell?” look in his eyes."

True, true.


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