Monday, March 14, 2005


With a connection that's elicited screams of horror from very broadband-spoilt Singaporeans, I'm very selective with what websites I visit.

So it was with a certain horror that I contemplated why the hell I was so quick to click on a link to Xiaxue's blog after scrolling down the list of links on Mr Brown. Plus I had just started loading someone else's blog who had provided rather witty and entertaining excerpts on mr brown...

It's all the pink thats addictive lah.

And after all that reading... ( i got sidetracked to other cOol and fUnKy bLoGs~ az well!! ) i'm finding it takes more effort than usual to type coherantly.


Anonymous said...

What's pink? what's the site?

panaphobic said...

The site is pink... You can check it out here although i'd like to state as a disclaimer first that she's a person everyone hates to love and that she's not representative of the typical Singaporean. I think.