Sunday, March 13, 2005

Reverse KKK Strikes Back!

Heh Heh Heh.

This post is a tribute to some people who I can't seem to shake off, no matter how hard I've tried. Heh. Had a very nice afternoon with my fellow once-a-week Reverse KKK members.

I know i'm not exactly covering new ground here by saying this, but oh thank lord for the likes of MSN. Pun intended.

And dammit i really miss you xhm and gq. Shall look forward to a very rowdy and politically incorrect reunion in june/july. Quite surreal to think of the three of us, in three different countries, chatting as if not a day had passed since we laughed ourselves to death in the st nicks canteen watching xhm go round and round chasing after a 10¢ coin.

Haven't exactly been the most "available" friend, seem to have gotten my priorities mixed up along the way, we shall see if I'll manage to redeem myself in the future.

I think the pinnacle of all my friendships is when we start getting extremely rude and politically incorrect with one another. Does that mean if all human race were to join in perfect friendship and harmony, we would be complete assholes to one another?

And now Joce and GQ are meeting for a nice afternoon of pure nonsense and occasional wit. Sounds pretty perfect. Look forward to that reunion too.

Since we're born alone, and will eventually die alone, might as well fill up the space between ya? Dammit i haven't felt so positive and optimistic for a long time... must be sickening hehheh.


mangomaiden said...

Beautiful last para...