Saturday, March 19, 2005

Still No Coffee.

Alvin alvin. Everyday I wonder to myself why there aren't hoards of girls queued up waiting to get a glimspe of your delicious wit.

Been arriving at work later everyday, ( i can hear the gasps of feigned surprise ) DAMMIT people not my fault if sleep is only one of my two indulgences right now!

But I don't really care anyway, because I'm doing my work at night in room and i'm ahead of schedule (two tapes a day or maybe three so goes the mantra).

And anyway, if I really did want to get up, I would. Like in the mornings when i'm doing my exercise (surprise surprise) i do get up. In other words, it's my own choice to be late.

I'm getting somewhere with all this. Because i'm quite tired ot hearing various people say, "I want to, but I can't". I've said that so many times myself, but the more I say it, the more bullshit it sounds. Cheap excuse. It's a problem then, since it's one of my favourites and i still half believe in it. Shall have to sleep on this one.

Shahidul, the super-man-extraordinaire, once said to me "You'll be amazed at what the human body and mind can accomplish". He said that after I was quizzing him on how he manages to stay operational despite not smoking/eating lunch/drinking tea and coffee/working till late/still remain smiley happy.

"I think we human beings eat way too much anyway."

I don't quite think i'll be going down that road.. Give up food??? My singaporean fat cells yell in horror.

Interesting scene at the rooftop of Cafe Mango yesterday. After a fair bit of internal debate whether it was going to piss anyone off by "showing off" my iBook I plugged myself into iTunes, turn up volumn, put Damien Rice on repeat mode, opened up the damn excel document, spread out my papers, the guy sent me my latte (alvin hurhurhur) and then I saw a man doing push ups next to me.


Trying to not act as shocked as I was, I turned and saw this group of 23-25 years olds next to me. The rooftop of Cafe Mango isn't that big, everyone's in close proximity, just didn't hear anything till I saw something. And so I muted the volumn (handy little button my lovely Mac) and had a flash from my past.

they were playing Truth or Dare.

Very loudly. So the guy finished his pushups. And then they started asking all the questions and doing these dumb dares (drinking hard liquor someone had brought mixed with sugar (the girl said, oh oh when its my turn dare me to do that!) and running around the table). The thing that stood out most was that they spoke more English than Bangla, which was unusual. And also, they all had bangla/american accents.

It was bizarre. I felt like i was watching kids in high school.

"Ok ok dude, you gotta play this one. What is the WEirDest thing you EVER masturbated with?"


"Come on dude! don't be chicken!"

And they asked the girl, "Ok who do you think of when you massage your boobs?"

"I don't do that! I swear to God i don't!"

Hm. They were yelling so loud, I felt like I was obliged to take our my earphones and explicitly listen.

Anyway, I left before they got to the "good" stuff.

Cannot reconcile their ages and behaviour.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Was the chick hot?