Wednesday, April 27, 2005

1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila.. more?

Ok, so I had my first drink of Tequila in like... almost four months. Jo produced a bottle out of nowhere, and although my instincts told me to FLEEEEeeee when I saw the dreaded Malu sitting down... the allure was too great.

Besides, I was there first! Already settled down into my usual seat in the kitchen, nice steaming BIG bowl of Maggi instant porridge mixed with egg (tastes better than it sounds believe me), giant mound of fried shallots which I did up.. my book..

Then Jo comes in and "Jess, would you like a shot of tequila?"

Damn surreal can? Almost 40 mother-of-three asking me at 8pm just as I'm about to tuck into chinese food whether i want a drink. And I mean, it's ONLY like my favourite drink, other than teh peng.

(I swear I'll never say teh peng again with a straight face and without thinking of Tay Ping Hui. No thanks to the Brownyagi Podcasts)

Yeah... so we drank till midnight. A bottle of tequila sure do disappear quickly with five drinkers at the table. Malu ordered from his very elusive source another bottle of whisky..but I didn't stick around long enough to enjoy that. Not that I would have anyway... hello? Why have whisky when there's tequila.

But at least I don't crave for it. I was saying no to jo already.. (porridge and tequila??) but well... she was persistant ok??

On another note, Norman bin Sawi is a cruel cruel boy.


Jess is now cheap... will work for food, really.


huckerby said...

and now you've been browned too!

hows the curry?? said...

she was mentioned and not linked... technicallly she wasnt browned cos her hits would not increase from that mention...moreover brown used J and not her name...obviously she was trying to keep a low profile... anyway i'm sure she wasnt looking for that kind of attention.

huckerby said...

yes, that is true.