Saturday, April 09, 2005

A bit too much of Nostalgia

As I packed my bag, getting ready to leave for office, I dropped a couple of sachets of Nescafe 3-in-1 without even thinking. And when it occured to me as I was stepping out of the door, where the hell I was going to find hot water and a mug, i realised that I had just reflectively done it just like how I always did when I left my hall for the Chron room on wretched Thursday nights.

So tonight, I do miss Chron. Only because of Nostalgia - you know, comfort of familiarity in a otherwise foreign place - no matter how uncomforting it may be.

I miss the people most though, not so much the work. GQ slinking off sometimes because she's so damn tired, those rare occassions when someone actually brought in supper, the morning of the last issue when how's-the-curry-PH and I sat on the stairs.. I think we were having a conversation, but I wonder how good it was after a night of no sleep. And those rare days when I actually dragged myself to breakfast, and watch in astonishment as Raymond eats his breakfast.

And those feelings of panic in Lit class sometimes when I wasn't in Chron room, wondering if someone had fucked up the final copy again after the teachers had gone through. And then wondering if I had fucked anything up.

The ocassional beer, of course, which made everyone happier. Alvin, who got more business-like and efficient when he was tired. And his hammock... which I think have had its very fair share of female posteriors resting upon. Which is more than I can say for his lap, unfortunately.

It makes the whole thing more important than it really is, because seriously, anyone can tell you that it really isn't. But still, it was fun, and it makes me instinctively grab coffee-to-go when i leave at night to do work.

In office now exploiting the scanning machine in office to scan in my negatives - something long overdue. I could send it in to a lab to be scanned, but that would cost. i don't know how much - but can do myself do it lor. Besides, it's nice to have the office to myself, the Creative speakers all to myself - on which i'm listening Mr brown's podcast - nothing like a few Singaporean voices sometimes.

So yeah, I guess it's obvious i'm homesick. Well maybe not homesick.. but certainly not disapproving of a few Singaporean things. And that I won't hate singapore when I go back, unlike what I prophesied a couple of weeks ago. of course, I also predicted I may change my mind - so I'm still right.

I think in future, I'll just stick to my guts and always assume my indecisiveness will win in the end - and i'll be right in all assumptions.


hows the kebab?? said...

in an attempt to help u like dhaka more......................... you still owe me money.

alvin said...

a lot of those posteriors wouldn't fit in my lap!

*hunted look*

mangomaiden said...