Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Four Wheels better than three, than two.

[Added after lunchie]

Right now i'm just trying to think of all my friends, and whose eyes would be rolling the most at this piece of news. I can't quite reach a conclusion... tie btw GQ and Joce!

Anyhow, it's finally official - Jamelia's Superstar, that horribly catchy song we all say Idols grooving to in pseudo R&B yo-check-this-mama-out blingblings and blongs blongs watever.... yeah that song is now playing on office speakers!!

When main boss isn't around lah. And it's just me, Yixin and Atiq - the very good-natured 30 something year old publication guy with two kids who asks me "Do you know Jessica Biel? Have you watched Blade Trinity? She's really good!" and plays Bomberman during office hours.

But yes, after my incessant playing on my miserable laptop, he finally bui tahan, appleshared it over to his computer.. and BOOM here comes the bass baby....


It takes people, and me, about a week to get used to the traffic in Dhaka. It's a mess, as people probably expect, and it's hard to explain why. Let's just say that it's difficult to get any semblance of order on a road with rickshaws, pull carts, baby taxis, cars and crazy buses. So lanes just melt into each other, over taking happens everywhere and anywhere, pedestrians cross even when the road is not clear. Nike might've gotten its slogan from how pedestrians cross the road here. Just do it really, stick your hand out, and assume all cars will stop for you. They usually do, but some don't, and you get a earful of car horn.

But the heirachy on the roads is quite an uncanny microcosm of society. You've the big SUVs, the glitzy BMWs, and even the occasional red convertable. You've the big fat pseudo-harley bikes, the little Hondas. You've the battered and dented baby taxis on three wheels. Then the rickshaws, the poorest in the most plentiful numbers of course, and the push carts overloaded with anything from chickens to metal wires. And of course bicycles.

Everyone calls it orgnaised chaos, and the only reason why it could even be called organised is because the rule of the road is - the more expensive the vehicle, the more right of way he has. Even when officially, he doesn't. Like taking a turn onto the main road, rickshaws stop to let the damn car turn.

It's obnoxious behaviour really, but without it the roads wouldn't function. Someone has to give way.


The network has been extremely erratic today, under influence from the power supply, no doubt. But ever since a piece of equipment in the Internet room exploded or imploded during a thunderstorm two weeks ago, the connection has been extremely unreliable. So now network access is limited to specific times...they've disabled proxies recently, which slowed the whole damn thing down.

But Jo and I were discussing (Jo's mother-of-3 from England on exchange study in Pathshala) this during a blackout, and we agreed it was a nice albiet brief respite from everything. For once, it isn't due to our laziness or procrastination that we can't get work done.

Since I was quite miffed that I missed out on all of Singapore's blackouts (DAMNIT) I think this is my payback. But I like it. I like how I'm forced to be focused and intense whenever the network is on, because you never knoow when it'll disappear. And when it's gone, I have time to slowly read through what i've been researching.

It's more productive, actually.


Randomness at its best:


- On this date, in 1614, (that's 391 years ago!!!) -Pocahontas married John Rolfe, 1614. (fwah her name hard to spell leh)

Just found out that Apple's free encyclopedia software (incidentally, the same brand my mom was trying to sell years ago - in paper form, of course) has this "Important Dates in History option".

Nothing cool happened on my birthday.

Oh wait, got lah, the US took over the state of Lousiana. In 1803.