Thursday, April 28, 2005

I like Pengs.

At any rate guys, I don't keep track of my site's traffic, so it doesn't make a difference.

But I do agree with what he wants to do.. but maybe he oughta think a bit better about the "execution process" and how to make it available to all who want to read/listen to it.

But lately, I've been thinking a lot about home. Not missing it in the achy-breaky-heart way, but just stoning into space and imagining how it would be like. And i really do think that all this was set off by the damn Brownyagi podcasts lah. I mean.. "they don't play mother one" ok???

So i'm wondering why i had such intense feeling against singapore initially.. its not that the things that I disliked about it disappeared.. but that I had underestimated how happy the other stuff made me.

1. Hougang Avenue 10

My home of the past 18 years. Seeing the crowds of kids coming out from stadium after their Sports Day, or the kids going for swimming lessons on sundays at the public pool. The tiny coffeeshop below the block, next to Econ Minimart, with the best chicken wings and "tie ban tofu" in town. The owner of the econ minimart has seen me grow up.,. literally.. the family's been there since i moved in.

The Ah Mms downstairs.. always gossiping.. calling me "ma ta kia" or "policeman's kid"... which just goes to show how long they've been there.. it's been a LONG time since my dad wore his uniform. When i'm in the lift with one of them... they'd ask in dialect.. where i'm studying.. how long more... you're so tall now you know... (ya right)... how's my brother doing.. wah he's already 17??? so big..."

Being able to say " le ai ki mai?" (you want to go up?) to one of them at the lifts when i get back would make me smile a lot).

Walking to the busstop for 165 in the rain. I've realised in my JC days, when missing a bus meant standing with the latecomers behind everyone else, that I can run and make it to the bus if I just come out of the lift and spot it at the traffic lights. It's the 100 m dash in the morning. If the bus is at a red light, I sprint down 100 m and i'll beat the bus. if not, i'll be sprinting BY the bus.. and the driver usually stops to wait lah.

2. Newton and Kopitiams

Newton is the epitome of kopitiams for me. Sitting at the same place everytime, such that the drink stall uncle only has to look at us to confirm that it's the usual order... chatting with him about his job and his two teenage kids.. he's a funny guy who talks with a deadpan face. Serving us our beer in plastic cups when it gets too late... "ma ta lai liao lah"

And all other kopitiams as well... the 24 hr ones especially... the one outside National library which closed.. the one near my place with the big banner (3 Crabs $15 only!).. the one near NTU...

I forgot how often i'd order "kopi peng" from these places. I like the bustle of the place.. i'm sure we all do. The tiger aunties rushing around.. with their platform shoes and black pouches and mini skirts, the hawkers who'd joke with you or make a big thing out of preparing your meal...

Getting a good seat outdoors meant a lot to me.. you escape a bit of the heat and oily smell.. and get the night air. Sometimes ordering that plate of char kway teow which you KNOW you shouldn't cos you're not hungry at all. Cos I never had a taste for it.. I was never into rojak..though everyone seems to make it like a big deal. (what's so great about it... BBQ chicken wings better still)

Oh my god.. almost forgot Chomp Chomp.. when my family had a car we'd go there a lot.. visits dropped a lot since they revamped the place to look like.. well.. mini-East Coast hawker centre... lost its flavour along the way. But what to do? Give me back my lousy plastic chairs, wooden foldable tables and all that.

3. Serangoon Road

I spent a lot of time in Little India.. cos Darren's studio is there.. and initially just to let me get used to the crowds.. but then I started to really like it. What's there not to like about the place, seriously? I like that chinese kopitiam smack in its middle... sometimes got the bar girls there eating.. but i tell you.. the bak chor mee they serve there is damn bloody good. Siew mai sucks though.

And milo peng! I always order that too! I forgot.

There's apparently very good pig organ soup on the other side.. along Jalan Besar.. will try when I go back.


huckerby said...

hougang rocks! hahaha.

i used to hang out at the econ all the time!