Sunday, April 03, 2005

Randomly Speaking

Been receiving a couple of random prank calls in the last two days. Would not really care, except that the first one knew my name, and after threatening words in Bangla from Shalini, the others started.

I still don't really quite care, because I don't pay for incoming calls. Which means lunch time we had a little amusing fiasco with my phone on loud speaker mode and no one answering and me, Jo and Yixin listening to a rather puzzled sounding would-be prank caller asking "wat your name??".

Playing a prank on a prank caller. Hm.. always a source of joy in a hot afternoon.

The power supply last night was erratic. It was then I realised how long it had been since I had to sleep in heat without a fan and airconditioning. I think that was in 2000.. during some godforsaken camp in JC.

Anyway, it couldn't quite make up its mind (the power, not the camp) whether or not it wanted to bless us with the gift of light/water/fan so the power came in huge surges which made the fan spin so fast i was sure it was going to unscrew itself off the ceiling in some way. and then it just left. And came back. and left. and came back etc etc.

I'm sure an analogy could be drawn from this.. but too hot to think.

Anyway, it was kinda nice falling asleep to candlelight. Until you had to get up fron the cosy dent you already formed in the bed to blow out the damn candle. Of all the times to find a sturdy candle.

Uploaded a few more photos on the Not so Random site. Its a bit of a bore scanning photos in. I don't know how i'll be able to resist the itch of digital for long.