Friday, April 22, 2005

The Sick Girl and the Sea

Returned from Chittagong, Cox's Bazaar on Wednesday.. have been trying desparately to catch up on all the lost internet time, what with Darren's week-long visit where i did NOT bother with the computer.. and the trip..

And yea, Darren came and left - leaving me feeling rather depressed. It's tough after awhile being almost surrounded completely by people that you wouldn't normally hang out so much with... it is getting a tad bit tiring.. especially after the trip to Chittagong with some of them.

And let me just state for the record, 11 hour bus rides are no fun. Especially when you've to take two of them with just one day in between.

But Asia's so -called longest beach is not bad.. prettier in the moonlight without the men staring.. the sea unfortunately is murky.. but hey... it's a beach.

Would type more... but not quite in the mood.

Oh. Happy Birthday Guiqing. Guess you had one heck of a present this time eh?


Anonymous said...

nice to have u back. sorry u miss ur bf. Heard about cox bazar. Must've been awesome. what did u guys do? take pics? krishna

Anonymous said...

hope u feel better.