Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yeah miracles do happen.

After an immense amount of email being sent back and forth between me and Shyam and Cherian... I was getting a bit disheartened by Cherian's rather cold and quick way of replying.. I remembered him having a bit more humour than that face-to-face mah...

But the last email takes the cake, after i've been trying to negotiate my way into the Indon team and hoping to be paired up with __Friend__ (who might not share the same enthusiasm, unfortunately =( )

Dear Jessica,

Just to confirm, we're moving you the Indon team.

You'll swop with __Friend__, who will go to Sri Lanka instead.

I hope that's satisfactory.

OK, OK, just kidding.

Yeah so my heart attack set in about three lines down. YAY! Cherian is still funny... at my expense.. but still funny. In the spilt second before my eyes scanned the entire mail, I think I had a million thoughts in my head like "WHAT THE FUCK THE SCHOOL FUCKED IT UP AGAIN MY GOD THEY'RE MORONS WHAT THE HELL JUST LIKE I EXPECTED NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SCREWED UP AGAIN"

But haha. Heh.

But won't be with Shyam (*pout*) and Kay Chin instead who uses digital so boo hoo for me.. but HIYAH not going to complain about it.

We're really very lucky, people. And i'm very sorry, but I disapprove entirely of letting Year 2s onto the list. There's such a thing as limited chances, and that's the soon-to-be-graduating students have, not them.

And yes, to prove that Darren DID visit me and I didn't miss him so much till I hallucinated him:

Darren in Mango

And a tiny few photos from Kushtia loaded. Yes I know it's bad. Photoshop killed my eyes after the scanner screwed up the scanning. (everything was tinted wrongly i don't know what i did i plead post-midnight brain failure) and I was too tired to re-do them then. I TRIED.

Dunno if anybody remember Aki the girl who i said brought me about everywhere in Kushtia, never seen someone so protective of me before... if I don't hold her hand in the crowd she gets anxious.

Kushtia - Aki

fuck. now it's too blue. HIYAH. i give up. the prints came out fine. digital stoopid.

Kushtia - Ferris

This one is my favourite shot. the rest are no good lah.


But then again I kind rushed through everything.. didn't even bother to check the negatives properly.. i may have a gem lying somewhere... it's always very satisfying to see a shot "EH!!!!! why i never see this before!!!!" with digital everything there.. no hunt, no kick haha..